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Beginner Amrit Yoga: This class introduces Amrit Yoga concept and alignments and was designed to bring attention to each part of one's experience. Attention is given to the body, mind and spirit; as this attention grows, healing can be discovered. This class incorporates asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and Ayurvedic principles. Modifications are provided as needed. Students of all levels are welcome..


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Deep Relaxation Yoga: Amrit Therapeutic Yoga class offers a unique style of restorative yoga. Using a combination of focused meditations and gravity-supported, static poses with the use of a wall or various props, students learn how to rest with and release blockages held in body zones such as legs, buttocks, hamstrings, heart and shoulders. This class is an ideal option for anyone who wants to deeply open and purify the mind-body complex. (LYB friendly)


Chair Yoga: Chair Yoga is perfect for you if you’re brand-new to yoga, if it’s challenging for you to get up and down from the floor, or if you want to try a yoga class that delivers the benefits of gentle stretching and breathing exercises. Many folks who have taken Janie’s Chair Yoga classes have reported how surprised they were that they got so much out of it – rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit! (LYB friendly)


Amrit Yoga/Yoga Nidra: In this class for all levels (beginner to advanced), we combine the two major tools of Amrit Yoga: Asanas (postures) and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation in shavasana), As you move, breathe, and stretch, the flow of energy in your body will return to balance. Your mind will calm down and decompress. We seal in the benefits of yoga with deep relaxation in yoga nidra. All you need to do is lie down and follow the instructions. This ancient technique will melt away stress & heal you at all levels. No previous yoga experience is needed for this class. (LYB friendly)


Gentle Yoga: This class was designed to bring attention to each part of one’s experience. Attention is given to the body, mind and spirit, and as this attention grows, healing can be discovered. You will work on healing through physical stretching of the body, techniques to calm the mind, and compassion for yourself exactly as you are. Modifications are given to support a variety of needs. All levels are welcome.


Amrit Full Sequence: In this class, students go through the entire Level I Amrit Yoga 26-posture Sequence. With continued practice, this sequence is specifically designed to lead students into a deeper experience of integration. Intentionally repeating this sequence is similar to chanting a mantra repeatedly…it focuses the mind so that the body can relax fully. Not suitable for those unfamiliar with yoga. Speak with one of our teachers or write us an email if you're not sure about taking the class.


Advanced Amrit Yoga: This energetic class builds on Beginner Amrit Yoga. Join Nitya in a dynamic yoga class to awaken your body and revive your spirit, where she shares the principles of Amrit yoga through breath and meditation techniques while incorporating these practices into physical asanas that can be at times both physically and mentally challenging. Students are encouraged to stay inwardly engaged throughout the practice, which provides an opportunity for a deepened connection to Source and also serves to strengthen and feed prana (energy) in the body. The intention is to open the body’s energy channels and experience the effects as they manifest in the moment, remaining present for all that arises, thereby creating a safe and therapeutic environment for deep healing.


Fundamentals of Amrit Yoga is based on Yogi Amrit Desai's Level 1 sequence. Designed with the intention of helping as many people as possible to achieve peace and happiness, Yogi Desai chose these postures for their ability to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies within each of us. Having no particular order to which of these bodies is mastered first, the practitioner is invited to do the postures to his/her capabilities and, then, experience how the posture manifests within. This class is for students at all levels. Watch a helpful video here!


Reiki-Infused Yoga Nidra: I AM Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep is one of the deepest and most profound meditations one can experience.  As you are guided into a deep but conscious relaxation the room will be filled with powerful healing energy.  Susan also offers hands on Reiki during the deepest and most relaxed stage of the meditation to those who would like it.  

Sunrise Yoga Nidra: Start your day with meditation! We’ll practice about 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation technique. Amrit Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest ways to meditate. You just invite your body to be still and follow the instructions as best as you can! Usually we are in a reclined position, or it can be accommodated for seated. You don’t need special yoga clothes and you won’t get sweaty. Sunrise Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to start your day with meditation and still make it to work or your next activity on time. We finish up with some very gentle movements to help ease you back into your body and into your day. You’ll leave feeling both relaxed and energized!

Gentle Flow Vinyasa: Join Maggie for an energetic flow practice that will be a safe container for all students. We will start slow and build our practice as we feel the energy of the class strengthen, so this class will be as energetic as we make it! All levels welcome

Beginner Meditation in Motion (BMiM): Are you ready to bring your yoga practice to the next level? Looking to move deeper? This class may be for you. Join Parvati as she guides you through sequences designed to reveal, through experience, the innate intelligence of prana (life-force energy). The meditations and sequences serve to move the student from “making yoga happen” to “letting yoga happen.” Parvati utilizes Yoga Nidra, pranayama, Q&A, movement, and specific tools to aid her students to move into deeper Awareness. Though physically accessible to beginner practitioners, BMiM is an advanced practice. Not sure if this class is for you?  Feel free to speak with any of our teachers, or reach out to Parvati directly ( You are welcome to simply try the class too.

I AM Kids Yoga Nidra: This short class helps to soothe the stresses of being quarantined and the exhaustion from "Zoom school." Yoga Nidra encourages young people and adults alike to relax and focus better, which makes it beneficial for children as well as the inner child in all of us.

Energize and Empower: This class uses the Amrit sequence and tools as a foundation and springboard for exploring stronger postures, balances and increased flexibility,  as well as introducing energizing pranayama techniques to start your week strong and energized. Recommended props: Yoga blocks or book stack, 1-2 blankets/towels, yoga strap or sash, and keep a pair of socks handy!


Meditation in Motion: In this advanced practice we dive into the depths of yoga as an embodied spiritual practice. Now, we explore the practice of yoga, where we can begin to more fully understand that yoga is the stilling of the modifications of the mind. Breath, stillness, and energy merge in this practice where attention can follow the wisdom of the body through energetic investigation. This practice accesses the depth of the Yoga Sutras as visceral understanding, meditation as the highest experience of yoga, and requires mental flexibility and openness, rather than physical strength.



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