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Active Yoga for All Levels with Santosha Staff

Santosha Yoga is always about integration - body & mind, earth & spirit, active & meditative. This class, with a rotation among Santosha's excellent Instructors, is great for both brand-new and experienced yogis.

Most of our Instructors lead in the I AM Yoga style, which is unique because of the guidance in both the first and second half of the pose. In the first half, you will be guided step by step into the alignment for each pose (so you don’t need any prior knowledge) and then directed to the energetic press points and extensions in your body. In the 2nd half, you pause to feel and integrate the effects of the pose (the energy in the body). The I Am Yoga sequence is specifically designed to lead students into a deeper experience of integration. Intentionally repeating this sequence is similar to chanting a mantra repeatedly…it focuses the mind.

We also have Instructors who will lead a Gentle Vinyasa Flow in this timeslot. Again, you don't need any prior knowledge of pose names - you will be guided every step of the way so you can focus inward. Using gentle stretches where the breath & movement combine, slow and thoughtful vinyasa flows, and ending with the equally important part of practice...unwinding and entering Savasana.