Santosha makes regular practice easily accessible. Everyone is welcome at Santosha.

All classes are online via Zoom.

Welcome to the Santosha Sangha.

Thanks for joining us for Mahasamadhi!

We’re so grateful to each of you for your participation in the global sangha that gathered for our celebration of Mahasamadhi! We remain deeply humbled and grateful to all of our Presenters for their Bhakti (devotion)! 

Each year, Santosha Yoga does our best to organize a Mahasamadhi event to honor the life and teachings of Swami Kripalu. We usually collect donations and then send them onward to KYI, the organization that cares for and maintains Muktidham, where Bapuji lived and practiced for 4 and half years. 

This year, you can make a donation directly to Kripalvananda Yoga Institute (KYI). KYI is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation established to preserve and maintain Muktidham.

For any additional questions or comments about Muktidham and KYI, please reach out directly to Shambhu: