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Reiki  is a Japanese hands-on form of energy healing.  It is the energy of life itself which, when in practice, reawakens and elevates this energy from the Universe. It can help with physical, emotional and psychological healing.  All you need to do is lie peacefully and comfortably and allow the energy to go to work.


Reiki heals by flowing through affected areas of the physical body and its subtle energy pathways. People report to feeling fully relaxed during and after a session.


A consultation is also included in your appointment. All sessions are done completely clothed in a warm and inviting environment.


1-hour  session $65.00; 30-minute session $40. Book an appointment now.











Rukmini (Jo-Ann Lemay) is the resident Reiki Master/ Teacher and a very powerful healer. She specializes in emotional healing and career changes, although Reiki is effective in all areas of physical, emotional, and psychological healing.  Practicing since 2013 and led by a deep longing for spiritual fulfillment, she found her home at Santosha and has been helping people just like you ever since.


She is also a Yoga Teacher, musician, an Intuitive and Third Degree High Priestess, making energy healing come quite naturally. Rukmini is currently accepting new clients and looks forward to meeting you and helping you in your healing goals.

See a YouTube video with Rukmini here!

Susan Hendrix is a Reiki practitioner and has been studying Oriental,

Ayurveda, and Herbal healing modalities for over 20 years. Her 

energy work originates from her longtime practice of Thai Chi, Kung

Fu, and Taekwondo. She is also a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator.

Susan was drawn to Reiki as a way of helping others. She brings

passion and kindness to her practice.

Book an appointment with Susan here.




Santosha uses MindBody software for all appointments and registrations. You'll be able to sign up for classes in advance, register for any of our exciting workshops, or book an appointment with one of our holistic practitioners. You can find the Mindbody app HERE.

Studio Closed/Open Days

Gentle Flow Vinyasa is canceled for the day after Thanksgiving (11/29), and all Free Educator Yoga classes on Thursdays are canceled through the end of the school year. 

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We offer specific amount certificates which can be used for classes, special events, and/or holistic services.

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