Restorative/Yoga Therapy
with Missy
MAY 23, 5:45 - 7 pm EDT

Join us for this experience of deep relaxation and connection to your body and energy. Each week, Instructors and approaches may be a bit different, but every practice will feature: 

  • Primarily gravity-supported poses
  • Encouragement to use lots of props to support your body so you can relax more deeply
  • Gentle guidance to help the mind relax
  • Suggested access to a wall, couch, chair, or coffee table to support your legs
  • Recommended props: blocks, towels, blankets, bolsters, pillows, and/or whatever you have onhand at home!  

Restorative Yoga

… will start with a series of grounding postures to weave the breath into the body. The beginning series of movements will allow you to survey your vessel (body) to observe where tension may be settling. We’ll use the breath to release mental blocks; to allow the body to unleash its natural medicine; and to soothe and settle down for the evening. Multiple paths and modifications will be offered so that you can receive what you need at the moment. 

I AM Yoga Therapy

…is uniquely designed to free up blocked energy. We’ll focus on body zones such as legs, buttocks, hamstrings, heart, back, and shoulders. Yoga Therapy uses meditative guidance to support the practice. As you relax, even in the midst of sensation, you may open up to deeper healing, support clarity of mind, and allow for the release of trapped emotions. Join us to experience the innate intelligence of your own body and ‘be’ in the flow of life.

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