Energetic Yoga with Santosha Staff
JUN 11, 9 - 10:15 am EDT

Start your weekend by tuning into your inner power!

Energetic Yoga is both active and meditative. This class is geared toward yoga lovers with some previous experience, but it’s open to anyone who’s ready to stretch & move. In the 1st half of the pose, you will be guided step by step into the alignment and our Instructors will make suggestions to help highlight the energetic press points and extensions in your body. (You don’t need to know / remember anything, just follow the instructions!) In the 2nd half, you pause to feel and integrate the effects of the pose. In Yoga, we understand that focusing on the energy in the body naturally leads us to deeper integration.

We begin each week with plenty of warm-ups and ways to bring together strength and flexibility, offer variations and new options for poses, and end with a full-length shavasana for integration and relaxation.

Each week, we rotate Instructors for this class to deepen your practice. Most of the time, you can see the Instructor’s name listed here. For any questions / concerns, we're just an email away: santoshayoga621@gmail.com

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