Soul Guidance

This methodology helps individuals (also couples or families) to transform habitual, negative, and disruptive behavioral patterns.  The transformation is achieved through a combination of techniques rooted in traditional hypnotherapy, Buddhist psychology, integrated energy medicine, applied shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. With deep re-patterning work, clients can identify and live fully with their true, authentic natures at the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

Typically, initial visits involve discovering a client’s emotional history, followed by a guided meditation in which the client taps into his or her inner wisdom, which will be used for support during subsequent sessions. For the next session(s), in an altered state, and by use of dream work, inner child work, or regression work, the client is guided to release or to heal any unhealthy energy that’s associated with current life problems.  This process can be very transformative, and clients can often discover their inner truths, particularly when applied over time.

Today though, many people are experiencing heightened anxiety levels, so visits might entail more soothing and less investigating. Spiritual counseling can be helpful, as can Suggestion Hypnosis, with a focus on staying present and being flexible with all the changes we're facing.

Watch a short YouTube video explaining Depth Hypnosis.

To schedule an appointment with Susan, send an email to, call/text (401)263-5161, or book an appointment now.


Susan is offering Soul Guidance Counseling and Depth Hypnosis sessions for clients at a reduced price: 2 phone or Zoom sessions/$70

Regular Pricing:

$65 for a 1 & 1/4 – 1 & 1/2 hour session

$156 for 3 sessions booked at the same time (%20 discount)

$260 for 5 sessions booked at the same time (5 for the price of 4)

You will need to make sure MindBody has your phone number on file. Book your appointment and Susan will call you at that time. Please make sure you have a quiet place, perhaps even with an altar set up or with candle light, to create a sacred space for your work together.

Susan Friendson is a certified Depth Hypnosis practitioner, as taught by Isa Gucciardi at The Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley, and she is a  co-owner of Santosha.  She has studied various dimensions of spirituality for decades, recently adding yoga teacher certification, yoga therapy certification, and Yoga Nidra certification to her credentials.  Her goals as a healer are to help people come to know and appreciate themselves for who they are, so that they may live as peacefully as possible.



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