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Special Events

Dec 14, 2019

Master Pranayama Workshop with Tom Gillette

“The Anatomy and Physiology of Breath”


$25 (by 12/10) REGISTER HERE.

$30 (12/11-13) 

$35 day of workshop (12/14)

For absolute beginners, yoga teachers and everyone in between…


You will learn a delightful, modern breath practice, developed by Tom Gillette and based on the lineage of Swamee Kripalu. This 25-minute daily practice is the optimal way to start your day feeling clear, bright and awake! 


Each session begins with an experiential immersion of deep listening to the body and breath. Your ribcage will naturally relax and become more open to receive breath. We move into the active phase of practice, in order to mobilize the breath, and gently increase lung volume over time. Through a series of soft, supported yoga postures and breath techniques, we will touchdown into still moments of insight, peace and ecstasy. What follows is a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation focusing on the scientific research behind breath practices. It helps to cognitively understand the physiological basis of why pranayama works. We end each workshop with a series of “Breath Experiments,” testing out the theory and putting it into practice.


Building Your SoulCollage® Deck

Community Suit (relationships)

Sunday, Dec 15, 1-4PM & Sunday, Jan 26, 1-4PM


$35 per session REGISTER HERE!

$30 for Santosha members REGISTER HERE!

There are 8 classes in the series. Attend 3 and for your 4th one you’ll receive a 25% discount! Please note: this discount can only be applied in person, so do not register online for your 4th (or 8th) workshop.

Council Suit (energetic influences)
• Sunday, Feb 23, 1-4PM
• Sunday, Mar 22, 1-4PM

Companions Suit (guides)
• Sunday, April 26, 1-4PM
• Sunday, May 31, 1-4PM

Materials: All collage materials included. Please bring a journal or notebook.

“SoulCollage® cards give voice to whatever it is within us that is aching to be heard.”- Claire Perkins, SoulCollage® Facilitator

During this series of workshops, you will go on a personal soul-tending journey using your imagination/intuition and the simple SoulCollage® process. (Yes, you! You do not need any collage or artistic experience to do SoulCollage®. This process works for everyone.)

You’ll learn how to make and consult your cards using questions designed to uncover the answers you already have inside yourself – the things you know intuitively and deeply, but don’t always rise to the surface to be heard, experienced and honored.

We’ll explore and make cards in each of the 4 SoulCollage® Suits:
• Committee Suit: Our personality parts – the inner voices we hear day in and day out…the Inner Critic, Cheerleader, Observer, etc. “

• Community Suit: Our family, friends, teachers, healers, pets and places that have touched our lives. “The Community Suit is important because it brings in the aspect of connection.” – Seena B. Frost, LMFT and Founder of SoulCollage®

• Council Suit: The archetypal energies in our lives. “…invisible guides, challengers, creators and destroyers, known across time and cultures…” – Seena B. Frost

• Companions Suit: Our animal guides… “the mirrors for the energies of your physical and subtle bodies…” -Seena B. Frost

By the end of the series you will have created a beautiful deck of personally collaged cards (Don’t worry – a “deck” of SoulCollage® cards can be 4 cards or 24 cards or 104 cards…it’s up to you) full of powerful wisdom.


You can learn more about SoulCollage® at www.soulunfoldingri.com

Jennifer Watson is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator and the owner of Soul Unfolding. Prior to opening Soul Unfolding in 2017, Jennifer walked an interesting career path: art teacher, college admissions officer, Congressional aide, retail sales associate, non-profit fund raiser, and bookseller. She is also a mom, artist, writer, crazy cat lady, movie buff, and avid reader. 


Dec 22, 2019

Winter Solstice Sound Healing

Saturday March 2nd from 7-8:30pm

With an ensemble of eclectic musicians and healers
$20 - Register here

Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, and it ushers in the return of increased light.


We will welcome this magical time with the healing vibrations of Santosha’s own sound healing circle.


The sounds offered are meant to provide soothing and occasionally provocative vibrations that can take you away from habitual, restless thought patterns,  replacing them with calm, creative presence.

Come rest a while, and reboot your body, mind, and emotions.

We have yoga mats, cushions and blankets, but bring your own if that will help you settle in!


Jan 05, 2020

Knotted Mala Workshop

Sunday 12:30-2:30

with Parvati

Mala beads have been used to practice mantra meditations for thousands of years. Each time you use your mala for meditation it becomes infused with the energy of that mantra. When you wear them you are reminded of the calm, centered feeling cultivated during your meditation practice. 

During this workshop we will learn about mala beads and mantra meditations while we hand-knot our own mala beads. We will also be introduced to some well-known and powerful mantras. Workshop will conclude with a group meditation to practice using our new knotted malas. Sample knotted malas will be on display at the studio. 


$30 members & staff REGISTER HERE.

Price includes materials for 2 knotted malas and handout. Workshop suitable for those aged 10 to 100; no previous yoga or meditation experience required. All participants are invited to stay for the Community Drum Circle at 3pm (no music experience necessary). 

Julie (Parvati) Hillman, MS NDTR RALC
Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant


Jan 11, 2020

Spiritual & Practical Application of the Law of Attraction

Saturday January 11th from 2-6pm

with Rhi Wilde


Early Bird Pricing through December 20: $45 REGISTER HERE. 

after December 20: $55 

If you're interested in learning how to shift energy and use the law of attraction in SUPER effective, unique, easy and fun ways in your everyday life, this workshop is for you!

This workshop combines the philosophies, techniques and practices of Reiki and the Law of Attraction essentially to supercharge the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction. The techniques and exercises presented are not only about the material world, they are designed to DEEPEN spiritual connection.

Rhi Wilde is a lifelong Rhode Island resident who has always been fascinated with self-improvement, spirituality and metaphysics. By the time she became a Reiki Master and a Law of Attraction Coach, she'd been passionately studying and practicing the chakra system, the energy body, yoga, meditation, metaphysics and the law of attraction for 20 years. She's currently studying to be a yoga instructor as well.


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