-Where are your classes?

All classes are ONLINE via Zoom- live guidance with an Instructor who will support your practice. Pre-register for any class and check your email inbox. The email has a link that will allow you to click through to the Zoom meeting.

-When are your classes?

All of our classes are scheduled in the Eastern Timezone in the US. Click on Schedule for details.

-Who are your classes for?

EVERY Body. All ages (although we don't have any kid-specific classes at the moment). Lots of our students are 60 or older. All sizes - we believe in Health at Every Size. All races, ethnicities, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities are very very welcome. If you can hear the instructor via Zoom, you can do yoga with us.

-What is Yoga Nidra?

A guided relaxation in a reclined position (or another supported position).

-How do I get started?

Click "Sign In" to create a simple account.

-What if I need to cancel my registration for a class?

If it's before class time, go to the Confirmation / Reminder email. You'll see a button on the bottom "View Registration Details." Click that and scroll to the bottom to find the "Cancel Registration" button. If it's after class time, email us to request a credit: SantoshaYoga621 @ gmail.com (close up the spaces). Cancellation within 24 hours of class time will restore your credit to be used toward a future class.

- What if I need additional technical assistance?

Please email us:
SantoshaYoga621 @ gmail.com (close up the spaces)

Santosha Yoga is based in Providence, RI - Eastern US Timezone. We do NOT have a physical space at the moment. We are LIVE via Zoom for all of our Classes & Offerings.