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For a description of our classes, click on the class title, and scroll down.

Register for classes HERE. (LYB* = LoveYourBrainFriendly discount applies.)


7:30-8:30am          Surya Namaskar with Mantra                     Maggie

4:15-5:30pm          Beginner Amrit Yoga/Meditation                 Parvati

5:45-7:15pm          Yoga Therapy/Deep Relaxation     (LYB*)    Susan F

7:30-8:30pm          I AM Yoga Nidra - Stress Reduction            Susan H


7:15-8:00am           Sunrise Yoga Nidra                                      Ganga

10:30-11:30am       Chair Yoga   (LYB*)                                        Ganga    

6:00-7:15pm           Sun/Moon Yoga                                            rotating instructors

7:30-9:00pm           Gentle Flow Vinyasa                                    Maggie



7:30-8:30am           Surya Namaskar with Mantra                   Maggie         

7:30-8:45pm           Amrit Yoga/Yoga Nidra   (LYB*)                  Janie Ganga


7:30-8:45am          Sunrise Amrit Sequence                            Parvati

9:30-10:45am         Gentle Amrit Yoga                                       Parvati

5:45-7:15pm           Amrit Complete Sequence                         Robin



10:30am-noon      Gentle Flow Vinyasa                                    Maggie



8:30-10:00am        Advanced Amrit Yoga                                  Nitya


9:00-10:30am        Fundamentals of Amrit Yoga                     Robin




Santosha uses MindBody software for all appointments and registrations. You'll be able to sign up for classes in advance, register for any of our exciting workshops, or book an appointment with one of our holistic practitioners. You can find the Mindbody app HERE.

Studio Closed/Open Days

Gentle Flow Vinyasa is canceled for the day after Thanksgiving (11/29), and all Free Educator Yoga classes on Thursdays are canceled through the end of the school year. 

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Gift Certificates

We offer specific amount certificates which can be used for classes, special events, and/or holistic services.

Purchase online.

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