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Wisdom & Chill

Join Janie Ganga for perspective on how to practice yoga off the mat plus a full-length Yoga Nidra.

First, we take about a half-hour to dive into the Wisdom of the yogis - both the ancient ones and some modern wisdom. We start with a “fortune cookie” - a quote, a practice, or a nugget of wisdom - as Ganga offers a short teaching and then facilitates an interactive conversation that lets us all learn from one another about how we might apply yoga to help us with our experiences of life. In Sanskrit, they call this type of gathering “Satsang.” At Santosha, we sometimes call these conversations “giggles with Ganga” because there’s so much humor in: recognizing our humanness; how similar we all are; and how the teachings of all the traditions are so so simple, yet we often forget. That’s why we gather together - to “gather in truth” - Satsang.

Next, you get supremely comfortable for a full-length Yoga Nidra. Take advantage of the virtual format - being in your own space at home so that you can use all the props that you need plus no need to drive anywhere afterward! As you let the body relax as fully as possible, the mind can relax, too. Yoga Nidra allows for healing at the deepest levels - and all you do is rest back and follow the guidance. Unlike Meditation styles that require you to sit up, or leave you alone with your thoughts, Yoga Nidra gently trains the mind to let go of the past and future - by using a series of mindfulness techniques and then sinking even deeper into the present moment. You may know that you wish to practice being fully present, here and now. In Yoga Nidra, you can experience this with ease.