Santosha makes regular practice easily accessible. Everyone is welcome at Santosha.

All classes are online via Zoom.

Welcome to the Santosha Sangha.

Sangha means spiritual community in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India. Somehow you found your way to Santosha, maybe to check us out, maybe to try a handful of classes, or maybe to stay much longer.  Usually, people who show up are in search of more balanced, whole, and happy lives.  In our own experiences, we have found that working towards a healthier life can be much easier with the encouragement of a community.  A sangha can help remind us of our intentions, and it can help us feel someone cares about us even when we’re not at our strongest.

At Santosha we have found that several strategies, in different combinations and at different times, can encourage a person’s growth.  These are some of the ones we teach and practice in our studio:

  • Focusing inward.
  • Moving our breath; moving our bodies.
  • Being open to learning something new.
  • Connecting with other people who are on their own journey.
  • Participating regularly in small classes so the Instructor can support your practice.
  • Taking time for self-observation and reflection.
  • Nurturing our community.

We hope you are able to try all or some of these at Santosha and that you feel comfortable in our sangha.  Please let one of the staff know if something’s not working for you. We want the caring energy of our community to encourage and support all of us as we stretch into our true Selves.

Santosha Yoga is based in Providence, RI - Eastern US Timezone. We do NOT have a physical space at the moment. We are LIVE via Zoom for all of our Classes & Offerings.